Monday, 27 October 2014

Paper: Zero Waste from IETS Operation?

A paper in conjunction with Industrial Waste Management Conference 2.0 on 18 & 19 November 2014 in Empire Hotel Subang Jaya, Malaysia, organized by Asia iKnowledge Sdn. Bhd.
Preamble: Resource Depletion will continue to be a challenge and therefore that should prompt keener exploration in waste recycling opportunities. With adequate facilitation, recycling of hazardous waste are on-going endeavors which should impede current rate of resource depletion. An assignation between waste generators and legal enforcers is the best deal to cobble its success. Sludge, for this discussion, is normally the final waste of an industrial effluent treatment system. It usually contains toxic if not obnoxious constitutes and thus classified as Scheduled Wastes. These inherited jargons have intoxicated our minds with too much fear. The realm of environmental technology recognizes them as resources! They were from the environmental resource but transformed. We need to retransform them into useable products using technological innovations. Innovative ideas must be nurtured with adequate feeds from top management and facilitated by empathetic legal supervision. Then, we can turn stones to bread, literally.