Monday, 2 April 2018

Environmental Training

You are cordially invited! 6-CPD Hours and PSMB Claimable.

Dear Honorary HR Managers & Executives, EMS ISO14001 Practitioners, HSE Managers and Officers and related Environmental Competent Persons.

The Objective of this training is to accomplish;
  • understanding of the 2015 requirement;
  • that the existing ISO14001:2004 is still valid - use as basis for transition;
  • understanding the actual meaning of environmental aspect from the Life Cycle Perspective;
  • capture all potential Risk & Opportunities for each Environmental Aspect identified/discussed;
  • understand that Planning Actions is an associated priority from Risk & Opportunities;
  • management of environmental aspects be LCP-based SOPs of activities/processes;

Monday, 21 November 2016

Talk: Colloquium on Water & Technology

The Water Issue - WAKE UP! We need them, use them, release them and even treat them. We have capital resources and technologies to treat and 'revitalize' them. We have laws which regulate wastewater discharges into inland and marine waters. Ironically, the majority of our rivers which flow through any human-oriented activities are contaminated. Some rivers flow into water catchment areas. Reports of halts in potable water distribution to the public, due to pollution at source, are prevailing. Water issues is a sub-factor of the big equation of environmental impact - Extreme Weather vis-s-vis Global Climate Change. Aren't we suppose sense the urgency? Here's what we must begin with, at the least.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

ISO14001:2015 What it says - Illustrated

ISO14001:2015 Illustration is dedicated to SMI companies, students and lecturers who may not have the luxury to employ a 'guru'. I hope this would help.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Construction Sector - practicing environment

Training opportunities can be scarce for some of our friends who are working in the construction sector. They may either be preoccupied in keeping up with work schedules or aren't able to attend training for some reasons. Well, here is a form of summary that may be useful to address environmental concerns on the job. This article approaches the norms in constructions activities from the environmental perspective. It is solely based on the author's close proximity with the construction activities in terms of site audits, EMS ISO14001 assistance and on-site trainings rendered since 2003. This discussion represents environmental repercussion and effects incurred by many construction companies. These issues are, however, truly under the aegis of project proponents, developers or landowners. Environmental consideration in project design, planning and execution is indeed in their hands. Construction companies builds them according to the desired specifications. I may have left some points behind, so, you're welcome to remind below and share for others to benefit.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Paper: Zero Waste from IETS Operation?

A paper in conjunction with Industrial Waste Management Conference 2.0 on 18 & 19 November 2014 in Empire Hotel Subang Jaya, Malaysia, organized by Asia iKnowledge Sdn. Bhd.
Preamble: Resource Depletion will continue to be a challenge and therefore that should prompt keener exploration in waste recycling opportunities. With adequate facilitation, recycling of hazardous waste are on-going endeavors which should impede current rate of resource depletion. An assignation between waste generators and legal enforcers is the best deal to cobble its success. Sludge, for this discussion, is normally the final waste of an industrial effluent treatment system. It usually contains toxic if not obnoxious constitutes and thus classified as Scheduled Wastes. These inherited jargons have intoxicated our minds with too much fear. The realm of environmental technology recognizes them as resources! They were from the environmental resource but transformed. We need to retransform them into useable products using technological innovations. Innovative ideas must be nurtured with adequate feeds from top management and facilitated by empathetic legal supervision. Then, we can turn stones to bread, literally.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Air Pollutant Regulations 2014 (Malaysia Latest)

Goodbye EQ (Clean Air) Reg. 1978. Welcome EQ (Clean Air) Reg. 2014. Goodbye Black Smoke! All dense smoke are regulated now! CEM gets mandatory for some. Pollutant Loadings is a measure for emission limits. Every entity has a fair share to oblige! A gradual entry into force of this latest air pollution law is anticipated. This law is more specific and was well written. However, its literal wordy documentation aren't presentable for our 'eyeball-engineering'. Hence, I have 'digested and reassembled' them for quicker and targeted viewings by all. Good luck.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Paper: S.H.E - MS on-site


Quality, Safety, Health and the Environment are different fields that integrate disciplines from both the physical and natural sciences. They are able to interact beyond most mathematical logic. Their actual risk to human and the environment are usually prevailed only when it occur either by accidents or catastrophic incidents. We learn to be prepared. Inevitably, despite relentless efforts in magnifying such awareness amongst concerned personnel, these compounded risks seem to persist. This paper presents special emphasis on Potential Hazard and Potential Risk, and, Environmental Aspects’ Impact, and Our Responsibilities in managing them at Work. Undergraduates are encouraged to participate in its discussion as a preparation to enter its 'real world' and job interviews. Wherever you are in this planet. Cheerio!